What Are The Benefits of Using Tasbih?

How Can Tasbih Help You Reach Your Spiritual Wellness Goals?

Tasbih beads are used for counting your intentions or reminders, commonly called dhikr. It also helps to improve focus, experience, and benefits attained in your spiritual practice. How to Use: Hold the Tasbih between your thumb and index finger and feed each bead through your fingers as you recite your intention or reminder.

How Can Tasbih Help With Your Mental Wellness? 

Busy hands relieve anxiety and quiet the mind. Tasbih or 'worry beads' can act as a form of relief as your energy is refocused with the release of harmful thought patterns. How to Use: Focus on how your tasbih beads feel in your hand. Center your attention on its texture, hardness, and coolness. Squeeze. Breathe. Repeat. You can also move them through your fingers and alternate with the squeeze technique. A few minutes during stressful times can be enough to provide relief.

Why Is The Design Of Your Tasbih So Important?

Your tasbih is personal to you and we know that it needs to have the ideal feel and rhythm to support your practice. This is why we designed our tasbih bracelets to allow you to adjust the bead spacing to your personal comfort. Instead of traditional fixed knots, each bracelet is fitted with 'smart knots' that are located at the ends of the bracelet which can be shifted so that you may increase or decrease the space between your beads for optimum tactility.

What Makes A Handmade Tasbih Better Than Factory Made?

Our pieces are handmade with love and intention and with the knowledge that your beads will be purposeful. The method and material used to knot your tasbih is fray resistant with a high tensile strength ensuring both quality and durability. While factory made items are less expensive, they also break much more easily. We also don't use plastic, because who wants the feel of plastic in their hands while they complete their practice? The experience should feel pure and clean which is why we strive to use the best and most natural materials possible. You just can't get that same level of quality or experience with factory made items!

Why Should You Care About The Style Of Your Tasbih?

So that you wear it and use it! We know that if doesn't look good, it will not be worn. We also know that wearing a Tasbih is not just for looks. The more you wear it, the more it reminds you of the importance of your spiritual and mental wellness goals which can lead to an increase in frequency of practice. Our gemstone tasbihs are designed to fit your lifestyle and look while supporting you on your spiritual journey.