How To Choose A Tasbih?

man using tasbih bracelet for dhikr  You may ask yourself how to choose the right tasbih? The best is to follow your intuition - when you see a tasbih and are naturally drawn to it, this is most likely the best option. If you like the way it looks, chances are you will wear and use it more often. 

The tasbih you choose will become what you make of it by praying with it, using it during your meditations or as worry beads, or simply wearing it as a reminder of your intentions. Other than personal preference, a few things to consider are:

  • If you use your tasbih to pray, count the beads, you may prefer a larger bead size as they have a more tactile feel in your hands.
  • If you prefer to feel more weight when wearing your tasbih, then you may again choose a larger bead size
  • If you have neck or wrist pain, you may want to choose a tasbih necklace or bracelet that is lighter. For a necklace, we recommend a 6mm bead and for a bracelet, a 4mm or 6mm bead size is best!
  • If you love the 'click' of your tasbih, we highly recommend you take a look at our Men's Wellness Tasbih Bracelets or Women's Wellness Tasbih Bracelets
  • If you are more likely to wear a dainty bracelet or if you have a smaller wrist size, definitely check out our Minimalist Tasbih Bracelet Collection for women.

Intention (Reminder “Dhikr”)

Dhikr are devotional acts in which short phrases or prayers are recited within the mind or aloud. The content of the prayers includes the names of God, or a duʿāʾ (prayer of supplication) taken from the hadith or the Quran. Dhikr means “remembering” and stands for remembering God. Although there are countless virtues, blessings and benefits of Dhikr, here are just a few of its benefits:
  1. Make us closer and induces love to our creator
  2. Medication for inner peace. It produces joy and happiness in your heart and relieves it from worries
  3. Strengthens body and mind
  4. Assures constant patronage of Allah. When we remember Him he remembers us in his inflictions. “Whosoever remembers Me in his heart. I remember him in My heart”. [Hadith]
  5. It is a common observation that when a person remains engaged in Dhikr they stay away from harmful thought patterns, backbiting and other harmful behaviour
  6. Purifies the heart from worldly desires and indifferences. It is also very convenient because you can do Dhikr any time, and anywhere even if you’re moving or working.
  7. It brightens the face and heart
  8. Can be done in separately or collectively. It is also great act to sit in the gathering where people are busy in remembering Allah.
  9. Angels surround the person engaged in Dhikr.
  10. Dhikr strengthens the iman and relieves the heart by dispelling fears from heart.
We create a variety of pieces that can be found in our Tasbih Necklace and Tasbih Bracelet Collections to support your practice.