How To Choose A Tasbih?


You may ask yourself how to choose the right Tasbih? Follow your intuition - when you see a Tasbih and are naturally drawn to it, this is most likely the best option. The Tasbih you choose will become what you make of it by praying with it, using it during your meditations or as worry beads, or simply wearing it as a reminder of your intentions.

Tasbih prayer beads are made of a variety natural gemstone or wood beads which are unique with varying energy properties, color, and pattern. While there is no right or wrong way to choose your tasbih, the below additional considerations may help guide you.


Colour carries personal meaning for each of us and emotions can be associated with colours. There is a psychology behind how we interact with colour based on our mental and emotional needs. Questions to ask yourself include: What is your favourite colour and which you wear most often? What colour patterns appeal to you? How does it make you feel?

Black Energy, protection, sophistication, elegance, wealth, success.
Blue Peace, tranquility, calm, harmony, truth, confidence, reflection
Brown Earth, reliability, warmth, honesty, comfort.
Green Nature, healthy, good luck, renewal, generosity, fertility.
Grey intelligence, dignity, practical, formal, conservative. Silver symbolizes calm.
Orange Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrancy.
Pink Love, romance, compassion, acceptance, harmony.
Purple Spirituality, mystery, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment.
Red Excitement, energy, passion, strength.
White Purity, cleanliness, peace, humility.
Yellow Joy, happiness, optimism, creativity, imagination.

Intention (Reminder “mudhakkira”)

An intention represents a positive life change or goal which can vary from a simple idea to a long-term aspiration. Questions to ask yourself in determining your personal intentions include: What do you want to create in your life? Is there something you are struggling with? What are you working on? Examples of intentions:
  • To open the heart and mind
  • To embrace change
  • To be more compassionate towards yourself and others
  • To connect with others more openly
  • To release anxiety and stay calm
  • To find courage and confidence

Gemstone Properties

Gemstones and crystals each have their own unique energy signature. When selecting a Tasbih, you may be naturally attracted to stones that raise or support your own personal energy in the area of life that you desire to work on, such as healing, courage, and finding peace.  

Each of our Tasbih prayer beads and bracelets have an included properties description to assist you in narrowing down your choices in searching for the ideal Tasbih.