What is a Tasbih?


What is a Tasbih and what is its purpose?

Tasbih is a term used to describe prayer beads, which serve various purposes such as aiding in prayer, meditation, and setting reminders known as "mudhakkira." These beads are intended to be a constant companion, and they are utilized in numerous cultures to foster well-being, balance, and protection.


How many beads are in a Tasbih?

The tasbih consists of a string of 99 beads that are looped into a circle. The two ends are passed through the larger, decorative bead where they are tied or woven into a knot - also known as the starting point of a tasbih. The larger bead at the tasbih's crown is called an imam which means 'leader' and it is so called because all recitations start at this point.


What is Tasbih made with?

 All tasbih made by Grounded Revival consists of natural, semi-precious stones such as Turquoise, various Quartz (such as Amethyst), Onyx, Jasper, and Agate. We incorporate many types of gemstones  into our Tasbih Collections.

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