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Welcome to Grounded Revival, where we take pride in offering you a wide range of tasbih necklaces and bracelets, designed with love and purpose to support you on your spiritual journey. Our collections of Islamic prayer beads are not just accessories but meaningful companions to assist you in remembrance of Allah (swt). Let us walk you through our extensive offerings, incorporating natural stones and timeless craftsmanship . . . Read More

Misbaha Prayer Bead Bracelets - Your Spiritual Companion

Our tasbih bracelets are designed with utmost care, incorporating 33 natural stone beads. These exquisite beads are fully adjustable and held together with your choice of 14k gold, silver, or same stone stop beads. Each bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a purposeful companion for your daily Dhikr, designed to support you in your spiritual journey.

Islamic Prayer Beads for Sale - A Timeless Tradition

For those seeking a more traditional approach, our Tasbih Prayer Necklaces are meticulously crafted by hand. These necklaces consist of the customary 99 beads and feature an elegant tassel or pendant, known as the "imam leader bead." The beads are made from high-quality natural silk, ensuring both enduring strength and timeless beauty.

Our collections of Islamic prayer beads are not just items of adornment; they are a way to connect with your spirituality and engage in the beautiful tradition of Dhikr, enriching your spiritual path with each bead.

More Than Islamic Jewelry - Heartfelt Additions

At Grounded Revival, we go the extra mile to make your experience special. Each set of muslim prayer beads, also referred to as misbaha or Islamic prayer beads, is accompanied by a branded bag, designed to protect your elegant accessories. Our heartfelt dua reminder cards, derived from the Quran and Sahih Hadith, serves as a continuous means of recalling and honoring Allah (SWT). You can conveniently carry these reminders with you wherever you go, always connecting with your faith and purpose.

Embrace the Journey with Grounded Revival

With a focus on authenticity, craftsmanship, and spirituality, Grounded Revival stands out in the world of misbaha prayer beads and Islamic prayer beads for sale. Our tasbih bracelets and tasbih necklaces are designed with the highest quality natural stones and materials to ensure they withstand the test of time.

Our collections of tasbih necklaces and bracelets are not just Islamic jewelry; they are companions on your spiritual journey. Grounded Revival's commitment to quality and heartfelt additions make these accessories more than just adornments. Explore our collections today and embark on a journey of spiritual connection, beauty, and purpose with misbaha prayer beads and Islamic prayer beads that are designed to enrich your life.