Journey with Faith. Tasbih Beads to Support Your Path of Dhikr and Remembrance.


Welcome to Grounded Revival, where we are all about enriching your spiritual well-being with products deeply rooted in Islamic faith. Our passion lies in crafting exquisite Islamic prayer beads, soothing dua reminders, and unique Islamic gifts. Explore our misbaha collection and let our beads guide you on a path of faith and remembrance.

Islamic Prayer Beads
For Women
The Perfect Islamic Gift for Her – Timeless, Elegant, and Made to Last!
Islamic Prayer Beads
For Men
Artisanal Islamic Jewelry for Men – Crafted for Strength and Style.
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Intricately Designed for Islamic Prayer and Meditation On the Go, Symbolizing Spirituality and Sophistication in Style.

Misbaha Wrap made with 99 black onyx tasbih beads

Pathway to remembrance

Muslim Prayer Beads

Discover the beauty of our handcrafted Islamic prayer beads as you walk your path of faith and remembrance. Tasbih beads, also known as Muslim prayer beads, help you keep track of your dhikr and enhance your focus during prayer. As fingers slide over the beads, a rhythmic connection is established, fostering a sense of mindfulness and tranquility. Our Islamic beads are designed to offer an optimal tactile experience and seamlessly adapt to your personal lifestyle. Explore our Islamic prayer beads for sale!

Kunzite Tasbih Bracelet | Women's Misbaha, 33 beads

A women's misbaha bracelet adorned with 33 kunzite tasbih beads hand strung on cord 10 times stronger than steel


Onyx Tasbih Bracelet | Men's Islamic Beads, 33 beads

Stylish tasbih bracelet with 33 black onyx beads, hand strung on durable, fray resistant cord.


Tree Agate Tasbih Bracelet | Women's Islamic Beads, 33 beads

Elegant tasbih bracelet with 33 tree agate beads, hand strung on cord 10 times stronger than steel


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Your Misbaha is a Gift for the Soul, Beautifully Packaged and Ready to Gift to a Loved One or Yourself

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Discover the Result of Years of Dedication and Attention to Detail.

Quality Matierals

Misbaha Beads Handcrafted From Only the Finest and Most Durable Materials

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