What makes Grounded Revival unique?

Our pieces are handmade by Canadian artisans who work from the comfort of their home and are paid a fair wage. Each necklace is hand-knotted between every bead — this is to ensure quality and strength of every tasbih. All of our tasbih bracelets are handmade using either woven cotton cord or silk cord.  Every tasbih necklace and bracelet uses real gemstones. 

What are tasbih beads?

Tasbih beads are tools for prayer, meditation, and to set intentions called “mudhakkira” or “dhikr”, literally meaning “reminder”, “mention”, or “utterance”. A string of 99 beads to count dhikr in prayer (intentions or “dhikr” repeated during prayer). Read more here: What is a tasbih

Who can wear or use tasbih?

Anyone! Traditionally, tasbih are prayer beads used in meditation and prayer – and exist in many cultures and geographic locations around the world. Prayer beads are a string of beads to help you focus your mind and can be worn to act as a reminder of your intentions.

How do I choose my tasbih?

Follow your intuition - when you see a tasbih and are naturally drawn to it, this is most likely the best option. There is no right or wrong way to choose your tasbih. Read more here: how to choose a tasbih

How do I care for my tasbih?

Tasbih beads are sacred and need to be treated with respect and care. We suggest you clean them with a slightly damp cloth (being careful not to get the silk wet), every so often to remove dirt and dust. Tasbih with sterling silver will need to be polished as real silver can tarnish over time.  Never submerge your jewelry in water or shower while wearing your necklace or bracelet. It’s best to remove when sleeping. Read more here: how to make handmade bracelets last

Will my tasbih look the same as the photo?

Each piece of jewerly is handmade, using natural semi-precious stones. This means each stone will be unique with varying colour and pattern and may have specks of lighter or darker colors, which occur naturally. We feel that this makes each tasbih special and made just for you.