Bracelet Care

Follow the below steps to make your handmade bracelets last: 

  1. Did you know that there is a right way to put on your bracelet? That's right, this is one of the main factors why bracelets don't last. As much as possible, roll your bracelet over hand without excessive pulling rather than stretching it over your hand.
  2. Handmade jewelry is beautiful and delicate! Many products that we use can degrade the material holding your bracelet together. Keep your bracelet away from soap and care products such as perfume, sprays, salt water, sunscreen, etc.
  3. You also want to avoid submerging your bracelet in any type of liquid! Instead, you can wipe the gemstones with a slightly damp soft cloth and immediately dry them.

Follow the above steps and your delicate handmade bracelets are sure to last!

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