Giejo | Wellness Magazine | Story about Grounded Revival Spiritual Wellness Lifestyle Brand
Grounded Revival invited by Bloomberg to share her experience in starting her spiritual wellness lifestyle brand that creates handmade gemstone Tasbih prayer beads used in meditation and prayer.
TV & Article Features
630 Ched | Radio Feature | Grounded Revival

Live Radio Feature

Radio feature on Grounded Revival's Tasbih designs selected for the Cordillera Int'l film festival
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The Story Exchange Feature | Ramadan | Grounded Revival
Film Festival Celebrity Swag Bag

Film Festival Celebrity Swag Bag

Grounded Revival's designs were selected for inclusion in the 2021 Cordillera International Film Festival VIP swag bag going to internationally acclaimed filmmakers, celebrities, and academy members.
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The Story Exchange Logo Features Suzie Qualle from Grounded Revival