The Art of Meditation

Grounded Revival was recently featured in an article on meditation where the authors "estimate that globally around 500million people make the practice of meditation a daily ritual."  Note that this article is not just talking about meditation as it relates to the more well known form of yoga practice. Through their research, Shanti Bowl found that "there is evidence of meditation as a practice in all ancient civilizations, from Egypt to China, to various regions of South America". 

In the article, I explain that "meditation exists in many cultures and religions, we just call it different things. Whether you are praying, meditating, or setting intentions - you are attempting to be a better version of yourself - to be more connected, grounded or calm." What I love and appreciate about the authors, is their ability to look deeper into what other cultures and religions offer on the subject. Notably, each form of meditation has its benefits - whether its meditation in the form of prayer in Islam "as an act of remembrance", Buddhism, to "moving meditation" or yoga which many of us in the west are most familiar.

Like the authors, many may "see the greatest benefit of their practices in the time following the meditation itself. It gives one the clarity of mind to approach life and situations from a broader perspective." Meditation can be as simple as a 'pause' or 'breathe' to calm the nerves to a more complex ritual of meditation or prayer. For example, in Islam "Bismillah" is said prior to an undertaking like starting your day, driving a car, giving a presentation, etc. When translated, the phrase means "In the name of God". This simple act of remembrance is great at calming your emotions and brings you to a present state. You are no longer lost in mind to what may have upset you, concerned you, or angered you. You become centered to your purpose. This allows you to perform your best, to be safe - or as I describe in the article, "to be a better version of yourself".  This form of reflection is needed throughout your day to be productive, to be kind, and to let go of stress. 

Shanti Bowl's mission is to create and share the amazing healing benefit of their Tibetan singing bowls. Their tools - just like our Gemstone Tasbihs - are used in various forms of meditation practice to support overall well-being, balance, and inspire positive change. I am honored to be featured in this beautiful article and thrilled to have collaborated with like-minded souls on a mission of peaceful practice.

You can check out their full article HERE.

Best Wishes,

Suzie Qualle
Grounded Revival

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