Support Tassel Tasbih


The Support Tassel Tasbih is hand-knotted with 99 botswana agate gemstone beads, handmade silk tassel, and a wood 'leader' bead. 14k gold filled accents are used throughout this piece to separate the beads into its customary 11 & 33 count sections. 

With your purchase, you will receive a gemstone tasbih, grounded revival branded bag, and gemstone properties card. 


Botswana Agate: Known as the most royal of the agates, famed for its history, scarcity, and beauty. It assists in overcoming fears, obsessive thoughts, and supports in depression. It is also known as the sunset stone, because of its ability to retain sunlight and give comfort during dark and lonely nights.

Size & Fit

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Two Size Options:
6mm beads, hangs approximately 15 inches/38cm
8mm beads, hangs approximately 19 inches/48cm

The Benefits of Using Our Tasbih

Spiritual Wellness. Life's 'grounding' factor. Tasbihs are used for counting your intentions or reminders. It also helps to improve focus, experience, and benefits attained in your practice. How to Use: Hold the Tasbih between your thumb and index finger and feed through your fingers as you recite your intention or reminder.

Mental Wellness. Busy hands relieve anxiety and quiet the mind. Tasbih or 'worry beads' act as a form of relief as your energy is refocused with the release of harmful thought patterns. How to Use: Focus on how the beads feel in your hand. Center your attention on its texture, hardness, and coolness. Squeeze. Breathe. Repeat.

Made to Last. Our pieces are handmade with love and intention. The method and material used to knot your tasbih is fray resistant with a high tensile strength ensuring both quality and durability.

Style. We got you! Our tasbihs are designed to fit your lifestyle and look.

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    Handmade in Canada