Enlighten Tasbih Bracelet


The Enlighten Tasbih Bracelet  is designed with 33 chrysocolla gemstone beads hand strung onto durable fray resistant cotton cord. This bracelet is adjustable and held together with a macramé lock braid woven and finished with choice of sterling silver or 14k gold fill stop beads. The unique design of our tasbih bracelets allows you to shift the smart knots located at each end of the bracelet and adjust the space between beads for optimum tactility. 

With your purchase, you will receive a gemstone stone tasbih, grounded revival branded bag, and gemstone properties card. 

Tasbih Gemstones

Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla is a stone of expression, awareness, and drive for higher knowledge. Known as the teaching or wise stone, Chrysocolla is a beautiful mix of golden copper shades mingled with malachite, turquoise, and azurite. This stone helps to wash away self limiting beliefs that can hold you back and instills patience as you connect to and communicate your truth.


6mm chrysocolla gemstone beads
Woven cotton cord
Silicone smart knots

Size & Fit

Made adjustable and designed for a comfortable or loose fit. Will fit wrist sizes from 6.25-8.5 inches (Medium to XLarge). Please note: This bracelet will fit loose if you have a medium wrist size. If your wrist size is ex small to medium and you prefer a snug fit, check out our designs from our minimalist collectionModel's wrist is size small.

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The Benefits of Using Our Tasbih

Spiritual Wellness. Tasbih beads are used for counting your intentions or reminders also known as dhikr. It also helps to improve focus, experience, and benefits attained in your spiritual practice. How to Use: Hold the Tasbih between your thumb and index finger and feed each bead through your fingers as you recite your intention or reminder.

Mental Wellness. Busy hands relieve anxiety and quiet the mind. Tasbih or 'worry beads' can act as a form of relief as your energy is refocused with the release of harmful thought patterns. How to Use: Focus on how your tasbih beads feel in your hand. Center your attention on its texture, hardness, and coolness. Squeeze. Breathe. Repeat. You can also move them through your fingers and alternate with the squeeze technique. A few minutes during stressful times can be enough to provide you with relief.

Unique Design. Your tasbih is personal to you and we know that it needs to have the ideal feel and rhythm to support your practice. This is why we designed our tasbih bracelets to allow you to adjust the bead spacing to your personal comfort. Instead of traditional fixed knots, each bracelet is fitted with 'smart knots' that are located at the ends of the bracelet which can be shifted so that you may increase or decrease the space between your beads for optimum tactility.

Made to Last. Our pieces are handmade with love and intention. The method and material used to knot your tasbih is fray resistant with a high tensile strength ensuring both quality and durability.

Style. We got you! Our tasbihs are designed to fit your lifestyle and look while supporting you on your spiritual journey.

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Handmade in Canada