Our Charitable Work

Grounded Revival was created, in part, to be a path to give back to the community through the sale of our handmade Tasbih prayer beads. Charity and giving to those in need are an important aspect of many cultures in how we live and support one another, and to society as a whole.  

To ensure transparency in how Grounded Revival supports its charities, the company pledges to donate 5% of total sales. For example, for every $100 in sales, Grounded Revival will donate $5 to charity.

Partnership with Penny Appeal Canada

Penny Appeal Canada is a relief and development organization with a really BIG vision for the world. They want to create the best societies they can and break the cycles of need and poverty for good with long term sustainable solution approach.

We've partnered with Penny Appeal Canada to make a BIG difference. From our sales, 5% of proceeds goes towards supporting Penny Appeal Canada’s opening of domestic violence shelters through Sakeenah Homes and Nisa Homes. 

To date, Grounded Revival has raised over $5,500!


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