The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs

The Story Exchange did a story on female entrepreneurs who launched their businesses amid the pandemic. The author, Candice Hefland-Rodgers, through her research, found that we are in the midst of a "she-cession". She says, "women have lost more jobs than men as industries dominated by women — think service or retail — have been hit the hardest".

However, through this struggle, you will see (if you haven't already) the rise of an era of female entrepreneurs like never experienced before — and can I just say — Yes! It is our time, ladies, to emerge as our own leaders! I am thrilled that Grounded Revival was lucky enough to be included as a spotlight in this story, as it too, arose from the covid pandemic. 

Indeed, Candice believes that "while the coronavirus crisis has forever altered our lives, and has had devastating economic consequences for millions of people, it has also fostered a groundswell of entrepreneurial spirit, especially among women". The story does not end here — truly, it is the beginning of a paradigm shift and is just one of potentially many ripple effects that are yet to be discovered.

To see the full story, click here

For now, and always, wishing you peace.

Suzie Qualle
Grounded Revival


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