Career Change? Use Your "Village"!

Grounded Revival was included as a spotlight in a post-secondary based article on how to successfully change careers which included advice from an array of small business entrepreneurs. The author indicates that, "changing careers can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright terrifying—but it can also be the best decision you make in your life". Without a doubt, my own career change from the drudgy 9 to 5 to a flexible schedule and rewarding career has been just that, but it hasn't been easy!

One particular idiom comes to mind when describing the challenges or hurdles traversed to successfully realize this transformation - and it may sound cliche, but it really does 'take a village'! In this article, I talk about how it will be your closest allies who will be there to pull you through those challenging moments. While it is important to struggle - as this is your sign of being on track to your "aha!" - self doubt can be crippling and it will be your support system that will reassure your beastly and unwavering desire to create magic.

Check out the full article HERE.


Suzie Qualle
Grounded Revival

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