Grounded Revival On AIR with Global News and 630 CHED

It has been an exciting few days! Global News Canada learned about Grounded Revival's Feature as a showcase piece in the Cordillera International Film Festival VIP Swag Bag and contacted me to do their own feature on my experience, my Pendant Tasbihs, and what this could mean for me, as a jewelry designer. Well - I couldn't be more thrilled! What's more, the article released following the on-air piece was picked up by various agencies worldwide. The overwhelming support received both locally and internationally is an honor and a blessing - and quite the experience!

It was also a pleasure to be invited for an on-air chat with 630 Ched's Radio Co-Host, Daryl Mcintyre. While I couldn't satisfy his curiosity about which celebrities would be attending and receiving the VIP Swag Bags, he was excited to learn about this new upcoming festival and learn more about the islamic prayer beads that I create!

I appreciate the support received thus far and I am excited for the future. 

You can find the article, Edmonton jewelry designer featured in swag bag at Nevada's Cordillera film festival, by Radana Williams, HERE

Thankfully yours,

Suzie Qualle
Grounded Revival

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