Resilience Pink Ombre Bracelet Stack

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The Resilience Pink Ombre Stack is handmade with Pink Zebra Jasper, Labradorite, and Milky Quartz gemstone beads and sterling silver accent beads. 

Pink Zebra Jasper: Pink Zebra Jasper has a gentle and calming effect that can decrease anxiety and promote relaxation. Like all jaspers, it is a protective stone that can bring stability, security and grounding. 

Labradorite: Labradorite's transformative qualities support you through changes in your life, giving you strength and perseverance. It aids in uncovering disruptive belief patterns and guides you toward understanding your relationship with yourself. 

Milky Quartz: Milky Quartz is a balancing stone that calms the emotions, enhances communication, aids concentration, accelerates healing, and stimulates the mind. 

  • Gemstone beads are approximately 6mm
  • Handmade with elastic stretch cord and wrapped twice for strength
  • This bracelet comes with an intention and properties card and a Grounded Revival cotton bag 
  • All jewelry is handmade in Canada 

Size Guide 

X small: 5 – 5.5 inches/13 cm around 
Small: 5.5 - 6 inches/14 - 15cm around  
Med: 6.25 - 6.75 inches/16 -17cm around 
Large: 7 - 7.5 inches/18 - 19cm around 
X Large: 8 inches/20cm around 

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