About The Brand

Thank you for visiting Grounded Revival.

Grounded Revival is a natural stone jewelry company based out of Alberta, Canada. Our handmade products are inspired by the simplicity and beauty of nature and created utilizing traditional eastern concepts to support the mind and soul. 

Our Tasbih’s, reimagined with a modern aesthetic, adopt the pace of nature to guide your journey of peaceful practice and daily intention-setting. Handmade with all-natural gemstones and beautiful silk thread to inspire your grounded intentions.

About Us

Hey there! My name is Suzie and I am the creator and co-owner of Grounded Revival. Our company began as a search for a practical tasbih that led to a personal passion. Growing up, I typically used factory-made tasbih not knowing the more traditional and valued tasbih were hand-crafted with natural stone like turquoise and agate.

My interest in earthy natural stones grew, as did my understanding for their ability to offer more than semi-precious beauty. For centuries, stones and crystals were utilized in various forms to promote overall well-being, balance, and protection. Grounded Revival was formed from the desire to support accessible and beautifully hand-crafted natural stone jewelry to help guide mindful living.